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Travel Guide of Thailand
by t-Globe Guidebook Series

Destination: ThaiDest

The ultimate Travel Guide Book - tailor-made, light weight, complete

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This is the first of a new generation travel websites - researched and written by travel experts - designed for individual travellers so they can produce their own tailor-made travel guide leisurely on their own computer and print it out to use it as a personal travel guide for their holiday in Thailand while keeping a permanently updated copy on their mobile device for instant use.

Places to Visit in Thailand

We are compiling a comprehensive guide of what to visit in Thailand with a list of tourist attractions – some well-known and others rather unknown – so that the individual traveler has a complete overview of the country and which places to visit in Thailand without missing interesting sights and attractions.

Provinces of Thailand

Tourist Destinations in Thailand

Where to Stay

We are a tourist guide and not a hotel booking website. We present up to date lists of places to stay in Thailand, from top 5 star resorts to the smallest guesthouses. Reviews of our researchers for accommodations are dispassionate, clear, and deliberately free of any marketing spin. We make it easy for the traveler to choose the accommodation he needs. Then a reservation can be made by contacting the hotels directly from or using an appropriate hotel booking website.

Thailand Maps

In our website we extensively use Thailand maps to give the traveller a clear idea of every tourist destination and its neighbourhood. Our maps (t-maps) are designed by our own t-Globe geographic department to provide a detailed view of destinations. All maps are highly interactive and help the traveller to find their way easily.

Sample Bus Map

Sample City Map: Hotels

Sample Detail Map

Restaurants in Thailand

A travel guide would not be complete without an extensive list of restaurants in Thailand. Thai food is considered one of the best in the world, however the traveller will find a wide choice of international restaurants with a variety of foods satisfying even the most discerning taste. Our Thai travel experts have reviewed many restaurants for you.

Transport Information

In our travel guide we show up to date transport information including prices and timetables. Even though schedules and prices often change, the differences are minimal. We offer the traveller the opportunity to plan his holiday in Thailand with a reasonable degree of precision. 

Sample Transport Photo

Sample Bus Timetable

Sample Train Timetable

t-Globe Business Partners

We do not advertise businesses we review in our travel guides, as this will impair our capability to give impartial and reliable information.
Some of the tourist businesses operating in Thailand are well known to us for their good services and reliability. These businesses have the chance to become our partners. t-Globe partners underlie strict requirements such as being in operation for a number of years and having a positive code of business conduct. These trusted businesses are visited and inspected by our researchers several times a year in order to check the state of the art.

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Members can see more information and can use a wider variety of services, such as printing Discount Coupons and view and use t-Globe Partners Special Offers.

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Free members can opt for a VIP membership paying a small annual fee which will allow them to view information reserved to VIP members and to select pages (or part of pages) to be printed in their personalized guide of Thailand. Printing a personalized guidebook will allow them to print out only the destinations they wish to visit in Thailand, have last minute up to date information and save on the cost (and weight!) of a printed guidebook.
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